(de)algorithmic technologies

Hilbert and Gödel walk into a bar. Hilbert begins to tell the bartender exactly how he wants his drink prepared and all its ingredients. While starting to prepare it, the bartender asks Gödel if he wants anything. “I’m good,” Gödel says. “Thanks to him, I’ve finished the mental construction of the drink.”


hire me

if for some reason my horrible unprofessional website has left you wondering "how can i hire this person" i do in fact accept money. and provide goods (if you consider abstract objects goods) or services (if you consider abstract objects services). it's an inclusive or. if you would like some of these abstract objects:

i may be able to reach an agreement with you via email

a graph titled "important graph"  the line goes up almost linearly but it's growing a bit on a curve  the ticks are horribly scaled with the y values (labeled y values) going from zero ish to 25 ish and the x values (labeled x values) going from one ish to five ish
a line plot titled "huge if true" that goes up  the axes are unlabled but there is a legend that says the only line (which is blue) is huge values  the ticks on the y axis go from zero ish to 25 ish and the x values go from 1 ish to 5 ish
a simple line graph titled please trust me. the line has a positive linear slope.  it has poorly ticked axes that are simply labeled "x axis" and "y axis"