(de)algorithmic technologies


recentering perspectives, one rant about modernism at a time

code. math. rant.

(de)algorithmic technologies is about stepping back from what should be done and instead focusing on what could be done. i have a lot of strong feelings and a core set of values. what i struggle with is direction and focus.

the goal: everything should be public and as lightly licensed as possible.


sometimes i actually finish stuff

color words

a screenshot of a website with three buttons with the numbers 3, 4, and 6, followed by a larger square that says #CAF with the associated hex color as its background a big button that says color copy

displays hex colors that make words click for a random example


a screenshot of a website that says k=0 with on a bright pink banner followed by text declaring 0 wins, losses, or ties, and the command choose wisely and a button that says signature with leonard euler's signature as an image

rock paper scissors is a k-complete graph and so are all of these. yet, k-graphing is not complete - wip


a screenshot of a website with a light pink background and purple text that says STOP NOW in all caps  followed by cut off text discussing fuzzy programmer socks. a list then claims the socks will lint the code for you CHANGE COLOR to match syntax highlighting are really nice to pet ok are safe for foxgirls too DO NOT usually contain radioactive material will only judge you when you need that are really cute uwu and are machine washable with bash code

imagine how much PROGRAMMING you could do if you didn't have to choose between FUZZY SOCKS and PROGRAMMER SOCKS

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